Breeding Males – Advanced Selection Tip

There is a trick…more like a technique, that can help in any breeding project.

This information was passed to me (and others) by someone well known to the breeding community, and we were asked not to share it. However if any of you have read the ‘My Best’ thread, you know I am on my way out the door and am passing my best old school genetics around so the ‘new generation’ of breeders and smokers can beneift…as well as my old stoner friends lol.

I have also decided to divulge this information after much consternation and angst, because I am not sure if it will ever become public domain if I do not, and I fully believe it should be. This is/was a very difficult decision to make. But hey, WTF, it is what it is. People who are interested should know. Hoarding information is as bad as hoarding clones.

The first person I know of to use this breeding technique in the MJ world was a man named Nevil Schoenbottom, who passed it to Shantibaba, who passed it to another person who passed it to me(and others). The trick is using what some breeders ‘in the know’ call recessive males.

No one I know of who got this information paid much attention to it, or at least ran with it. The only reason I am different is because I stumbled upon a recessive male by accident but didn’t realize what I had found until after a few crops of outcrossing him and noticing I was getting all the traits I wanted passed to the offspring. I suddenly realized what I had in a rare moment of clarity. As a bonus the dominant traits he passed were increased potency and tighter buds. I think this was just a fluke though.

I am no expert in genetics at all, in fact my knowledge is rudimentary, but this is how it was explained to me.

Recessive males are males that have a large number of double recessive genes for the traits most sought after by MJ breeders. Ie aa as opposed to Aa or AA. If you know something about genetics there should be a light bulb going on right now.

When males that have recessive genes for the traits we want passed from the mother, because they are dominant in the mother they will combine as Aa. ‘A’ from the AA mother and ‘a’ from the father, and express the trait you want to see in all of the F1 female offspring. There will also be males from the offsrping that combine the same way for this trait ie Aa. If these two sibling plants are combined, using P-Squares we can see there will be a certain % which combine as AA and the trait will be fixed by breeding these offspring. This really eliminates a lot of work.

Fine in theory Roz(I hear you saying) but how can I find and identify these males? This is key to the application. This information was never passed to me or the others that were privy to the recessive male concept and is perhaps why no one did anything with it. But I will pass it to you now.

These males can be identified easily in some cases, because unlike dominant males which flower earlier than sibling females the recessive males flower later. In addition, it stands to reason that if Shantibaba uses this technique, these males can be found in larger numbers within his seedstock. So there it is, with apologies to Shanti, Nevil and the person who told me about it.

If you have an in depth understanding of genetics and don’t believe this or consider it anecdotal only, feel free to express those ideas, but I will not argue it with you. I am only passing on what was told to me and found that at least in my case it was true.

Best wishes and best of luck to you all.