VERTICAL GARDEN FOR VEG: For more years than I care to admit, I’ve been growing my clones, seedlings, and small veging plants on the floor of a tent or the floor of my grow room. Not only is it hard on the knees and a pain in the ass, it’s messy and takes up a bunch of space. After looking at the sick-ass vertical gardens that the big light companies display at BizCon and the various cannabis conventions, I decided to take a crack at a DIY version and it CAME OUT GREAT! I’m not much of a DIY kind of guy so when I say this is easy, please take it at face value – this is really f***ing easy! I went to Costco’s website to buy a wire shelving unit (about $120 US) but you can get a similar one at all of the big box stores for about the same price. Then I purchased some 4 foot led light bars – I found a package with 6 for about $115 that come with accessories to attach them to whatever shelves you use – since I got the wire shelves the zip ties were super simple and attached in minutes. The lights themselves daisy chain together so you only have one switch to operate the whole thing. Here’s a picture (not great, but you’ll get the idea) of what it looks like finished. Start to finish you should be able to get this done in under an hour.

I purchased the 4 foot LED bars from this company for around $120

May your gardens stay green and your jars remain full!

Peace, KB

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