Today I’m going to share Katsu’s KISS method for sending clones to friends. I get cuts from people all the time and I’m often surprised how difficult they make it. Anyways, this is the fastest, easiest, cheapest, and safest way to send cuts in the mail.

  1. Take nice, healthy cuttings (dry, don’t spray them with anything)
  2. Stick them in a ziplock sandwich bag
  3. Gently press out the air and seal
  4. Label the bag
  5. Stick the baggie in something that will protect it in transit, I like DVD cases without the inserts.
  6. Send. I usually use Priority Mail. Barring extreme heat or cold, the cuts will comfortably last 5+ days and the recipient can recut the stems and root as normal.

That’s it! I have virtually 100% success using this method and I assure you there’s nothing easier or cheaper. Best of all, since it is unrooted it is technically not yet a plant 🙂