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NEW!!! Sour Diesel Line, Regular Seeds, 10 per pack – $125
Stone Farms Collaboration

Katsu98 x Sour Diesel
Gas Melons
(Watermelon x Sour Diesel)
Ol’ Betsy x Sour Diesel
Richard Bachman
(Sharon White Widow x Sour Diesel)
Controlled Burn (Gary Payton x Sour Diesel)
Double Dose Diesel
(Original Diesel x Sour Diesel)
Hoosier Daddy
(Indiana Bubble Gum x Sour Diesel) SOLD OUT
Snow Plow
(The White x Sour Diesel)
Katsu’s Banana Sour
(Banana Punch x Sour Diesel)
Double Stuffed Diesel (Oreoz x Sour Diesel)
Night Sweats ((Green Crack x Blue Dream) x Sour Diesel)
Blueberry Indica x Sour Diesel
Frankenberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel)
Imperial Fuel (Deathstar x Sour Diesel) SOLD OUT
Sour Afpak (Afpak x Sour Diesel)
Optimus Lime (Black Lime OG x Sour Diesel)

Platinum Kush Line, Feminized Seeds, 6 per pack – $100

Wet Ass Kushy (Platinum GSC x Platinum Kush)
Tush Kush
(GMO x Platinum Kush)
Iron Throne
(Dracarys #5 (Revfunk cut) x Platinum Kush)
Diesel Grease
(Sour Diesel (AJ’s) x Platinum Kush)
(Gelato 45 x Platinum Kush)
Celestial Tremors
(Hotcakes x Platinum Kush)
Harlem Shuffle
(Uptown Piff x Platinum Kush)
((Green Crack x Blue Dream) x Platinum Kush)
Grape Fanta
(Grape Pie x Platinum Kush) SOLD OUT
Kushy Payton
(Gary Payton x Platinum Kush) SOLD OUT
(Oreoz x Platinum Kush)
Tar Valon (Ol’ Betsy x Platinum Kush) – SOLD OUT
(Blueberry Indica x Platinum Kush) SOLD OUT

Hotcakes Line, Regular Seeds, 10 per pack – $100

Cactus Cakes (Texas Shoreline x Hotcakes)
Island Boi (Papaya Kush x Hotcakes)
Toasted Gelato
(Gelato 45 x Hotcakes)
Coffin Candy (’95 Death Widow x Hotcakes) – SOLD OUT
Courtside Kush (Gary Payton x Hotcakes)
Dracar Noir (Dracarys #5 (Revfunk cut) x Hotcakes)
Glue Stacks (Gorilla Glue #4 x Hotcakes)
Strawberry Coughy Cake
(Strawberry Cough x Hotcakes)
Plat Stax
(Platinum Kush x Hotcakes)
Gas Casket
(ChemX x Hotcakes)
Bitter Batter
(SourChem x Hotcakes)
Dawg Slobber
(Chem91 x Hotcakes)
Roasted & Toasted
(FireOG x Hotcakes)
California Nightmares
((Green Crack x Blue Dream) x Hotcakes)
Blue Nips
(NY Blueberry x Hotcakes)
Hot Apple Drizzle
(Apple Fritter x Hotcakes)
PK Fire
(Pure Kush x Hotcakes)
Vanilla Frosted Hotcakes (Vanilla Frosted Cake x Hotcakes)
Grape Ape Cake (Grape Ape x Hotcakes)
Stacked Chem Cake (JB Chem x Hotcakes)
Cheat Code (The Antidote x Hotcakes)

Romulan Genetics Collab
Romulan Line, Regular Seeds, 12 per pack – $150
Airwolf (Dogwalker OG x Romulan)
Romeoz (Oreoz x Romulan)
Candy Coated (Sour Best Shit Ever x Romulan)

Raw Genetics Collaboration
Burnt Toast Line, Regular Seeds, 12 per pack – $150

Rain Dance (Black Lime Bubba x Burnt Toast)
Tropical Escape (Putang x Burnt Toast)
Golden Tuxedo (OGKB 2.0 x Burnt Toast)
Hotcakes (Katsu Bubba Kush x Burnt Toast)


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Payments via cash, money order, venmo, cashapp, and paypal (if absolutely necessary) – include your payment preference when you email. Shipping is $10/order and will be sent via Priority Mail. All prices are in US Dollars. International orders will be sent via REGULAR MAIL for $15 – this can sometimes be slow depending on what country you live in.