Katsu’s Vault
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Raw Genetics Collaboration
Burnt Toast Line, Regular Seeds, 12 per pack – $150

Rain Dance (Black Lime Bubba x Burnt Toast)
Tropical Escape (Putang x Burnt Toast)
Tropidelic (Key Lime Pie x Burnt Toast)
Wedding Toast (Wedding Cake x Burnt Toast)

Romulan Genetics Collab
Romulan Line, Regular Seeds, 10 per pack – $100

GMO x Romulan
Dogwalker OG x Romulan
80’s Skunk x Romulan
The Antidote x Romulan

Romulan Line, Feminized Seeds, 6 per pack – $100

Bandaid Haze #7 x Romulan
Space Jam (Grape Jelly x Romulan)
ChemSis x Romulan
Original OG x Romulan

Hotcakes Line, Regular Seeds, 10 per pack – $100

Vanilla Frosted Hotcakes (Vanilla Frosted Cake x Hotcakes)
Katsu’s BFT (Headband x Hotcakes)
Grape Ape Cake (Grape Ape x Hotcakes)
SFV Sunset (SFV OG x Hotcakes)
Skunk Batter (Sweet Skunk x Hotcakes)
Comfort Food (Irene x Hotcakes)
Gas Mattress (80’s Skunk x Hotcakes)
Coffin Candy (’95 Death Widow x Hotcakes)
Stacked Chem Cake (JB Chem x Hotcakes)
Head Smog (Trinity Skunk x Hotcakes)
Cheat Code (The Antidote x Hotcakes)
Oreoz Layer Cake (Oreoz x Hotcakes)
Chocolate Lava Cake (Chocolate Diesel x Hotcakes)
Illuminati Breakfast (RKS x Hotcakes)
Sleeping Rhino (U-Dub x Hotcakes)
Blackout Cake (Wedding Cake x Hotcakes)
Koala Nuts (Lucy x Hotcakes)
Pythagorean Syrup (Triangle Kush x Hotcakes)

Original OG Line, Feminized Seeds, 6 per pack – $100

Carnal Knowledge (Wedding Cake x Original OG)
Fucknuts (Orange Bubba x Original OG)
Schadenfreude (OGKB2.0 x Original OG)
Pleasure Dome (Bandaid Haze #7 x Original OG)
Black Lime OG (Black Lime Reserve x Original OG)

Pre98 Bubba Kush Line, Feminized Seeds, 6 per pack – $88

Bubba’s Sis (ChemSis x Pre98 Bubba Kush)
Dracarys (Gorilla Glue #4 x Pre98 Bubba Kush)
Key Lime Kush (Key Lime Pie x Pre98 Bubba Kush)
Xanadu (Bandaid Haze #7 x Pre98 Bubba Kush)
Schromba (Schrom x Pre98 Bubba Kush)
Sour Bubba (ECSD x Pre98 Bubba Kush)


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Payments via cash, money order, venmo, cashapp, and bitcoin – include your payment preference when you email. Shipping is $5/order. All prices are in US Dollars. International orders will be sent via REGULAR MAIL in crush-resistant coin packs – this can sometimes be slow depending on what country you live in.