Here are the DIY plans for the MALE ISOLATION CHAMBER posted by Logic from THCFarmer:

“This iss a little tutorial on how to grow your males right next to your females.It’s a box that isolates the male and filters all the air that moves through the box so that no pollen escapes.I built my first one of these about 4 years ago and posted it at OG.This will be the third box I’ve constructed.They are fairly simple to construct and if you purchase all of the materials new you will spend probably $40-$60.

Here’s an idea of what you’ll need:

Just about any computer fan should work for this.Just set the fan on the filter and trace around it with a pen then cut out the squares with a good heavy pair of scissors.I usually use two layers of filter for the fan to draw through.Try to use the best quality filter you can.I really like these purple Filtrete,they have the highest filtration rating I can find and they are easy to tape to the fan.
Once you’ve cut the squares you stack them on top of each other and then the fan on top.Then run some duct tape around it making a seal and mating them all together.Make sure the fan is pulling air through the filter,not pushing.
Now you need to make a hole in the top of the box,I have a 4” hole saw that worked perfect for this.
Next you need to seal the fan assembly to the box with some adhesive.You can use just about anything,silicone,latex,liquid nails.
Now you need to make a hole in the lid for an intake.Use a piece of left over filter to cover the hole and seal it with adhesive.
That’s about all there is to it.Just plug in the fan and it gently draws air through the box keeping the plant alive and the pollen contained.Here’s a pic with a female in the box to give an idea.I also screwed a board to the bottom for stability.
As you can see a clear box works best but you can use a solid box if you cut out the lid and put plexi-glass in it.

When my males show I take them out of the hydroton and re-plant them in soil then put them in the box,I can get about three in this one.I take the box away from the grow and gently open it for watering the males. I’ve been using this method for several years now without any problems.”

Once you collect the pollen, you can use a paintbrush to make your own seeds on a bud, a branch, or the entire plant depending on how many seeds you want to make. If you want to store the pollen for more than a few days make sure you use a desiccant and store it in the fridge.

May your gardens stay green and your jars remain full!

Peace, KB