Black Lime Bubba

Black Lime Bubba is the combination of a select pheno of Black Lime Reserve with the Pre98 Bubba Kush. The finish time on these are between 7 and 9 weeks (the chunky ones finish sooner). All of the buds are lime green (no purpling), sticky, and absolutely REEK of lime (a tart smell, not sugary). The taste is just like the smell and extract from this is ridiculously terpy. And then there’s the high… HOLY SHIT, BATMAN!!! This stuff is as strong as dog’s breath. This is “daytime” weed only if you like being retarded during the day (I happen to like this VERY MUCH, ESPECIALLY WHEN I’M TRAPPED IN MY HOUSE!!!!) This shit is the 1000 yard stare, drag your dick in the dirt, happy retard, dirt nap buzz. This strain has been my “go-to” heavy smoke during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020