Katsu Pupil (Katsu Bubba Kush x Star Pupil)


Katsu Pupil is the “sister” strain to Bubba Pupil, and will exhibit subtle differences in flavor and high from the Katsu Bubba. This strain takes the best traits of both parents, with the full body narcotic Indica high of the Bubba Kush and the euphoric, happy, trippy head high from the Star Pupil! A perfect mix of super clean head high, fuzzy body high, with an uplifting, happy, positive, energizing buzz! This is the ultimate choice for medicinal daytime effect, positivity, functional relaxation and pain relief, with an intense strong happy stone. Expect extreme potency and high yield of delicious flowers with sweet bubba chocolatey coffee and pupil funk mixed right together for a great expression of both parents. Abundant trichome production, strong nose, and great flavor. This plant is extremely euphoric with enough of an Indica kick to satisfy those of us that require some body to their high.

The Bubba Pupil and Katsu Pupil are two sister strains created by Mass Medical Strains and Katsu Seeds. Mass Medical Strains was gifted the Pre 98 Bubba Kush and Katsu Bubba Kush from Katsu in order to create two well-balanced hybrids – crossing Star Pupil to these two versions of Bubba Kush, adding purple, Pupil flavor and high, and hybrid vigor to some of the world’s best Indica flowers. We are honored to work together on these collaborations to bring some very special Indica dominant plants to the world.

Flavor: Coffee, chocolate, pupil funk, sweet, spice, purp, moth balls, intense.

Effect: Uplifted positive psychoactive head high with a warm, powerful, and narcotic body effect.

Flower Time: 7-9 weeks

Yield: High

Structure: Vigorous, bushy

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