Pleasure Dome (Bandaid Haze #7 x Original OG)

Pleasure Dome is a perfect Indica/Sativa hybrid for those that enjoy an intense Sativa ride. If there’s a ceiling to this strain, I haven’t found it, yet. The flavor from the Bandaid Haze comes through this cross strongly, with terp profile that includes metal shavings, church incense, and a Lemon Pledge/Kush background. The buds will typically take 11 to 13 plus weeks to finish, with the longer flowering phenos rewarding you with gigantic, sticky colas with great structure and yield. The high is intense – very up, very social, but trippy at the same time. This would be great weed for a party, composing music, hiking, or meditation. The medicinal effects are profound, easing ailments of both a physical and of a mental nature. The Bandaid Haze was originally bred by Bodhi and pheno selected by DocD. The Original OG is from one of Matt and Josh’s roommates that has held the clone for almost 30 years since it arrived to California from Florida.