“Smoke Report: Black Lime Bubba by @katsubluebird @katsuseeds
This strain was an absolute pleasure to grow, strong lime terps that develop kush and gas aromas right near the end. Dense buds with beautiful trichome coverage. The smoke has a super strong lime and kush flavor that holds right until the last hit, it hits quick with a wave of relaxation and just keeps creeping after that. It’s a deep relaxing indica and my new favorite night time smoke, makes my body get that numb floating on a cloud feeling. Also pairs well with coffee in the morning though for a very zen setting. Definitely not for the casual smokers, this bud is very strong, but if that’s exactly what you’re looking for then this is it. All in all if you’re looking for strong indica smoke with outstanding terps and dense buds go check out Katsu Seeds, he might just have what you’re looking for” @novis_flores