“As you know this was a test grow for Katsu Seeds of there new strain “Hotcakes” which is Katsu Bubba X Burnt Toast from Raw Genetics. These were a joy to grow very easy not picky at all you can start light on your feed early and gradually increase as you go through Veg by the time it’s time to flower they will be running full strength on food and loving life. I must say the yield in these were great as well rock hard golf ball size nugs with beautiful purple and green colors. You will start getting those coffee terps really kicking in after about your 3 to 4 week of flower. I have to say after I chopped these ladies and hung them to dry for a week. Afterwards I’ve had them hard and curing for the past month.I have to say this strain is no joke it hits you hard with the chocolate and earthy flavor and puts you right into that classic heavy stoned state. I smoke about half a raw cone and I was baked. I stared at the tv for about 30 mins until I finally passed out on the couch. This is definitely a evening smoke forrrr sure when you want to just sit and chill this is one thing that I truly loved about this strain is that it is by far the smoothest strain I’ve had the pleasure of growing. I will for sure be going pheno hunting with these real soon!” Kushman39 at GrowDiaries