“I chopped this lady at 105 days, and honestly probably could have gone longer. I was probably 5-10% amber at chop. Talking to Katsu and this particular pheno seems to be really reaching deep into the Columbian side of the genetics. Most do not go nearly this long, but I assure you, it was worth it.
This pheno is the definition of a keeper, if you don’t mind the long flower. Very smooth smoke, with a bright pine and somewhat minty smell. The high is not a racy sativa high like you might expect from a 100+ day cultivar. Mine starts with a relaxing calming of both body and mind initially, but soon develops into that feeling when you just woke up after a great night sleep, and are rested, but are mentally ready to tackle whatever comes.

Not only are the effects fantastic, but this lady had DENSE nugs for something that flowered that long. 10/10 would recommend growing 🤙” @loudogfarms